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The Phyllis Strimling Award is given annually to an exceptional graduating student from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). It is one of only three individual honors presented by the Ed School.


The award is named in honor of Phyllis Strimling (HGSE Ed.M. 1989), longtime director of the prestigious and much beloved Radcliffe Seminars. In 2000 the Radcliffe Seminars program was concluded when Radcliffe College was converted to the Radcliffe Institute (devoted solely to research). In acknowledgment and appreciation of Phyllis Strimling's transformative leadership of Radcliffe Seminars, three Seminars faculty members -- Rob Scalea, Holly Weeks, and Neal Yanofsky -- conceived and initiated the Phyllis Strimling Award. The award's endowment was funded by the three founders along with dozens of Radcliffe Seminars alumni, staff, and faculty. In 2010 the award was moved from the Harvard Extension School to HGSE, further honoring Phyllis.


The Phyllis Strimling Award aims to continue the mission of Radcliffe College in advancing women and society. The award recognizes the character and achievement of a HGSE graduate with a strong academic performance who:


  • Works to advance society by advancing women

  • Demonstrates inclusive leadership and is inspirational to others

  • Promotes community as a management approach

  • Demonstrates ability in problem-solving to pull together and appreciate multiple perspectives, and integrates those perspectives in making sound decisions


The awardee is recognized with a certificate memorializing his or her accomplishment and a cash prize. Recipients of the Phyllis Strimling Award have included:


2024   Kavya Krishna, Entrepreneurship, Organization and

            Education Leadership

2023   Amanda Aiken, Ed.L.D

2022   Sruti Sriram, Learning and Teaching

2021   Lisa M. Cenca, School Development and Entrepreneurial                            Leadership

2020   Nia Evans, Education Policy and Management and

            Allison Jegla, Higher Education

2019   Alexandra Bachorik, Specialized Studies and

            Izzah Ejaz, Education Policy and Management

2018   Aimee Furdyna, Human Development & Psychology

2017   Danubia Silva, Human Development & Psychology

2016   Mona Anchan, Mind, Brain, Education

2015   Elizabeth Schibuk, Specialized Studies

2014   Vanessa Beary, Ed.D.

2013   Annie Peirce, International Education Policy

2012   Sarah Molitor, EPM and

            Christina Sheehan, Specialized Studies

2011   Dorothy Gannes, Specialized Studies

2010   Hannah Poole, International Education Policy



Applicants must be degree recipients in the year they apply. Anticipated graduates of the master's or doctoral programs are invited to apply.



Applications are to be submitted exclusively via the "Apply Here" form on this site.


A complete application for the Strimling Award comprises all of the following:


  • A personal statement regarding your commitment and contribution to women and society, emphasizing specific examples in relation to the criteria listed in the "About" section above. If some of your qualifications come from work experience please include information related to the organization and specifically describe your role in the organization.

  • A curriculum vitae or resume.

  • Up to two letters of recommendation are optional. These are most illuminating when provided by HGSE faculty or immediate professional supervisors; recommendations from academic or professional peers have lesser value. You may include any letters of recommendation with your application submittal, or recommenders may submit their letters directly using the form below.


Please note that members of the Award Committee are not affiliated with HGSE and will not be familiar with all the programs, initiatives, and acronyms at the Ed School.


The preferred format is a single PDF file with the above documents. If you must submit multiple files please use one online form for each item.

APPLIcation deadline:
April 12, 2024

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